The Floods are up – and how we dealt with them

Around us in Dorset the rivers have risen and the floods are up. This happens every few years and we are generally used to it. One of the two roads that lead from the village to Dorchester, generally known as the ‘Top Road’, is flooded regularly, you can see that from the raised causeway that runs along the section which is always inundated.


The causeway is about two hundred years old 

and is for walkers only though, when I walked on it today, the top was slippery and difficult to balance on in the wind, what it must have been like to walk on in pattens I can’t imagine. 

Waggons and coaches would have had no problems negotiating the flooded road


The adjacent bridge is also eighteenth century , 

but there must have been problems from vandals at the time.



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  1. Aye shame that the transportation rule does not still apply!


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