County Recipes of Old England – A Culinary Delight

I love old cookbooks, particularly ones that include very old fashioned or traditional recipes. Only last week I came across a beauty, published by Country Life in 1929.

County Recipes 0

Like modern cookery books it is well illustrated, but here the illustrations range from the informative.
County Recipes 4
To the useful.
County Recipes 6
To the advisory
County Recipes 1
And to the delightful.
County Recipes 2
There can be problems in understanding the recipes.
County Recipes 5
Flead (Fleer or Leaf) is the unrefined fat of a pig.
Not having any Flead available (I live in rural Dorset, not somewhere like London where I am sure an artesian butcher could easily supply hand flaked, sustainably sourced and biometrically tickled Flead). I had to try something else.

County Recipes 3

I was tempted by the Bakewell Tart, made without almonds, but settled on an easy Derby Cake.

Very tasty, now where can I get some Flead?


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4 responses to “County Recipes of Old England – A Culinary Delight

  1. The Derby Cakes do look very tasty…are they soft, like cakes, or crisp, like biscuits?

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  2. we can produce organic flead and of course vegan flead made from a combination of chia seeds, xanthan gum and goji berry juice, as I’m sure you know

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  3. Hmmm…you might need to butcher your own pig. Those biscuits look heavenly. I’ve found you can tell the age of a recipe by the proportion of flour to sugar–it’s often almost equal–or even more sugar than flour, whereas in a modern recipe, there is less sugar. Although your recipe doesn’t prove that rule…

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