The Wonderful Flowers of Mary Delany or Age is no Impediment to Art

This week’s Charli Mills’ prompt is; in 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about fingers that fly.

So an historical tale about a delightful lady;

Mary Delany

“That’s beautiful my dear”

The girl placed the flower beside the old lady, her great grandmother’s dear friend

“Look, it’s the same colour.” She held a coloured paper beside the geranium.

“I wonder?” she mused, the little girl watched entranced as Mary Delany’s fingers flew over the paper, cutting and trimming, then other little bits of paper were expertly added. To her amazement a perfect paper flower grew in front of her, just like the real one.
The old lady smiled gently, admiring her flower, the most multi-talented artist of the eighteenth century had just invented a new art form.

Believe it or not this picture is made of pieces of coloured paper

This is the story that the delightful Mary Delany (1700-1788) told about how she invented her ‘paper mosaics’ of flowers. She was seventy-one when she first created her wonderful flowers, at the time they made her famous and now they are rightly one of the treasures of the British Museum.



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6 responses to “The Wonderful Flowers of Mary Delany or Age is no Impediment to Art

  1. Lovely story beautifully told. It’s New to me. I will look out for her work the next time I’m at the museum.

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  2. Cool, I just learned something. My friend has taken up quilling, but this is different. I’ll share this with her.

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  3. I wasn’t aware of this art form. How incredible that inspiration struck so quickly at such an age! Thank you for sharing Mary Delaney with us.


  4. How marvellous a way to respond to the prompt


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