Out of the Mist – A Tale of Humanity in War

The privateer came out of the mist, the sailors had no chance, their ship was moored by the waveswept rock where the engineers were working.
The French captain laughed at their ridiculous tale, no one could build a lighthouse on a rock in the middle of sea, it must be a trick of the damnable English.
King Louis heard the tale, but he believed it, they could do such a wonderful thing . He released and rewarded the men saying;
“I am at war with the English, not humanity”
A year later the light shone from the Eddystone rock.

Another true historical tale. In 1697 work was underway on the Eddystone light, the first lighthouse in the world built on an isolated sea rock. The workers were attacked by a French privateer exactly as described. The light first shone in 1698, this first lighthouse was destroyed by a storm, the next by fire, the third was removed as the rock below it was crumbling and the fourth shines today.



This is in response to Charlie Mills flash fiction challenge, in 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about sea mist. Hope you enjoy it.


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9 responses to “Out of the Mist – A Tale of Humanity in War

  1. Hi another interesting piece of history for us. Nice to see you back 💜


  2. Nice bit of historical trivia there.


  3. Gordon, I always enjoy your historical flash and learning about the history behind it.


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  5. I remember reading this before, it was a good read second time around. 💜


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    An interesting blog from Gordon Lepard


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