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Amazing Feet, A Tale of Discovery

The skull arrived on the wedding day, all through the ceremony he thought about it.
Was it a primitive human? was it an ape? All agreed it was incredibly old and that more of the skeleton had to be found.
In the quarry where it had been discovered, the manager pointed out the blocked cave and the search began. After several weeks fragments of bone were discovered, the palaeontologist was ecstatic.
“What is it?” the manager asked, looking at the tiny scraps of bone.
“The feet, the amazing feet.” He replied in delight, “It walked upright, it was human!”


The Taung child, the skull from the story

And that, oh best beloved was, more or less, how Australopithecus, mankind’s most primitive ancestor, was discovered.

This is in response to Charlie Mills flash fiction challenge, in 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about an amazing feat, which I have interpreted phonetically. Hope you enjoy it.



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