Let’s get started

So I have finally started a blog, who am I and why have I done it.

Well first I am an archaeologist, and am curious, in both senses of the word. I am fascinated by an awful lot of things, and believe that the motto of the Royal Society ‘take nobody’s word for it’ is the best one for any archaeologist, historian or scientist to follow. And I am curious in the sense that I am prepared to do things that would be considered somewhat eccentric, if it would prove a point.

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For example this is an eighteenth century butterfly net. How did it work? Some writers considered it clumsy and impractical, I didn’t think so, so I made one to find out. Perhaps one day I will tell the story. You may wonder if I wore knee breeches and a tricorn hat to try out the net, I did not, but would have done if I thought it would have had any effect on the result (do I possess knee breeches and a tricorn hat? – of course I do).

As for why, well people have been asking me to do so for some time, my brother who has been blogging for some time as TanGental, once described me in this fashion.

“I have referred to the Archaeologist on several occasions in this blog. One of his many notable characteristics is his extraordinarily wide range of interests and the depth of his knowledge in those areas.  A conversation with him may start with the foot diseases suffered by Horatio Nelson, continue with a description of the accommodation offered to Charles Darwin when the Beagle stopped in some obscure South American port, divert to the seventeen culinary uses of the petunia during the War of Jenkin’s Ear, segue to the reasons why Archbishops of York always wear flax gloves during the second week after Passover and end with ice cream. Or rather who invented it. You get the idea.”

Well, I don’t know if I will refer to any of the above in the future, but I hope anybody who comes across my blog enjoys it. Read on…..


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14 responses to “Let’s get started

  1. Reblogged this on TanGental and commented:
    I warned you all, I really did and now he’s gone and joined the blogosphere. Be prepared for the bizarre, the brazen, the batty, the bloody incredible and the downright bonkers. The Archaeologist (now
    Curious) is part of Planet Blog. Please give him a warm welcome.

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  2. Ps get some widgets, esp a follow me button. And yes, well done, looking forward to you streams of consciousness…

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  3. Autism Mom

    Ohhhhh, another blog that I am going to sink into the reading of like sipping a great cup of coffee (your brother’s is one of those, too – The Le Pard Brothers Coffee Blogs. Has a nice ring 😉


  4. Welcome to the blogosphere, the place where anything can happen, and often does. I have been looking forward to this since meeting you on your “little” brother’s blog. I agree with your “take nobody’s word for it” ethic but give it a wider application than you have mentioned here, as I am sure you do too. Unfortunately my collection of knowledge falls way short of yours so we would have a very one-sided conversation with you doing all the talking and me silently nodding, “uh-ha”. I’m looking forward to those conversations. Congratulations on a great first post!


  5. Welcome, welcome. I’ll follow any brother of TG as long as I can ask you archeological questions!

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  6. Hello and welcome I have really enjoyed reading Tangental’s blog and his mentions and knobbly kneed photos of you both! I am eager to learn anything and everything………… yes and as Geoff said I am , too looking forward to seeing what you do with SoCs! blog long and loud!


  7. Welcome to the blog community! With the teasers from your brother, many of us have waited for your arrival. So…know anything about the British-Canadian fur trader, David Thompson? 🙂


  8. Ali Isaac

    Sounds like a great recipe for a blog! 😊 Good luck with it, and look forward to reading more of your posts!


  9. Sorry it took me so long to find you. Glad to see you in the blogging world (having a space all your own). 🙂 Have enjoyed your posts on your brother’s blog. I’ll be back. (Yeesh…that sounds threatening. Deepest apologies.)


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